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Strong Magnet Hanging Hook for Fridge, Classroom, and Cabinet Made of Neodymium magnets and Stainless Steel, allowing you to add storage without drilling holes into the wall. They are ideal for storing anything from tools to accessories, coats, bags, and so on. 6-Pack of metal magnetic hooks are made with high-quality Coating, rust resistance, and UV protection. No need to drill holes into the wall. Plug and use with any place you like to hang your keys, and accessories with a max of 30 LBs. WARNING 1. Not for Children 2. Keep away from electronic equipment, such as smartphones, credit cards, etc. 3. Powerful magnets could hurt your fingers. Please wear a pair of gloves to handle them for your safety. 4. The Maximum Working temperature of neodymium magnets is 176 F (80 C)

4/8 Pcs Magnetic Hooks, Heavy Duty 30LBS

SKU: ht22mhk48
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